As independent affiliates of DBSA in their communities, DBSA chapters offer more than 700 peer-run support groups where you will find comfort and direction in a confidential and supportive setting, and where you can make a difference in the life of you and others. The selection of services offered differs by chapter, depending upon the needs of its participants. Most support groups are volunteer run and provide self-help through facilitated meetings.

About DBSA Support Groups

Knowing that I wasn’t going through this alone . . . that was my first break through.” –DBSA support group participant

Support is essential to recovery. One of the most helpful things one person can say to (or hear from) another is “I’ve been there.” Depression and bipolar disorder can be isolating illnesses, but DBSA has many ways to help connect you with others who have been there as well.

DBSA support groups provide the kind of sharing and caring that is crucial for a lifetime of wellness.

DBSA support groups:

  • Give you the opportunity to reach out to others and benefit from the experience of those who have been there.
  • Motivate you to follow your treatment plan.
  • Help you understand that a mood disorder does not define who you are.
  • Help you rediscover strengths and humor you may have thought you had lost.
  • Provide a forum for mutual acceptance, understanding, and self-discovery.

Remember, support groups are not a substitute for professional care. DBSA chapters and support groups do not endorse or recommend the use of any specific treatment or medication.  For advice about specific treatment or medication, individuals should consult their physician and/or mental health professionals.