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                                                           Hello DBSA South Bay members and guests.


                                                               DBSA RESTAURANT DINING OUT NIGHTS

Restaurant Dining Out Nights are an opportunity to get together for dinner with other DBSA members.  Make some new friends and try new dining experiences.  Have a good time out for a couple of hours.  We always ask for separate checks, so there is no hassle.  We have gone to The Elephant Bar, Lucille's, Chili's, Fridays, Shakeys, The Olive Garden, California Pizza Kitchen & Mimi's, to name a few.

An email reminder will be sent to you before the Dining Out day, with the time and restaurant location.  Also, you may check our Calendar page link on this web site for dates & time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:  Email: woodscott516@yahoo.com/, Cell/Text: 310-497-8801



Some Ideas to avoid boredom and keep the blues away.

Buy yourself flowers
Get a manicure/pedicure
Go to the park
Spend time with a friend
Go swimming in a pool/ocean
Get a massage
Enjoy a leisurely walk
Dance/learn to dance
Go to the library
Paint or draw
Read/listen to a book
Join a book club
Go to the beach
Get your hair cut/styled
Make some fun day trip plans
Play a card game/join a card club
Play a board game/cards
Go somewhere and people watch
Take an art class
Treat yourself to a new outfit
Email/Facetime an old friend
Watch a Netflix/go to a movie
Take some pictures
Get and/or play with a pet
Join a fundraiser
Train for a run/walk
Go to the local bookstore
Take a bubble bath
Listen to your favorite music
Go to your local botanical gardens
Sing out loud
Get a facial
Go to a museum
Try yoga
Do a puzzle
Take an online course
Take a college course
Take an adult ed course
Join Toastmasters
Go shopping
Make jewelry
Play a video game
Learn origami
Start a scrapbook
Join a gym/exercise class
Try a makeover
Go to a new restaurant
Listen to a podcast/TED Talk
Plan a road trip
Go for a walk
Rearrange a room
Watch some YouTube videos
Go bowling
Start a blog
Join an on-line chat group
Watch a cable channel
Sell/buy on eBay
Join Pinterest
Attend a house of worship
Start a bucket list
On-line shop
Organize your smart phone Apps
Join an investing club
Learn to play an instrument
Start a hobby
Join a senior’s group
Take a day bus trip
Plan for/go to a concert
Take up tai chi
Take a day trip on the train
Organize a dresser or closet
Clean house/room/kitchen/garage
Check out MeetUp.com
Join the Sierra Club
Join a political committee
Go on a bike ride/bike path
Watch a comedy
Cook a meal
Color your hair